Prospect RV Park in Wheatridge Colorado and a day in Golden

Our drive from Clayton Lake was a long one, but we have an audiobook to keep us focused.
The clouds moved in and we caught a little rain, which wasn’t too bad considering one of the towns we drove through had multiple tornados touch down.
So many things to see…mesas, windmills, animal-crossings, outcrops, “points of interest,” and rain





I believe this was in Huerfano County, it was off the interstate and we didn’t stop to figure out what it was…so I googled it! But I couldn’t find the info when I went to post this. I believe it said that it is an ancient volcano and it’s all alone so the Spanish named it Huerfano which means “orphan.” So it’s an ancient orphan volcano!


Jacob bought Slap Bracelets to remind him of things to do before we leave a campground.

After we set-up, we headed over to the closest grocery store for some quick-meal items for the next few days, cause there’s no fire allow here either.

The next day we went into Golden to write up a few blogs before going to the Geology Museum at the Colorado School of Mines.


While I was hard at work Jacob went off on his own to get a hair cut….and it’s super duper short.

The Geology Museum was fan-freaking-tastic! They have so many specimen on display, I was in awe and I took a lot of pictures! I didn’t realize how many minerals are found in Colorado, these Mountain-people are so lucky!






This one’s famous, it made the cover of a Mineralogy textbook. That’s not the version I had in school, mine was like old and decrepit.


Rhodochrosite, pictured above and below, is the Colorado state mineral, I didn’t know it could be found inside of stalactites…mind-blowing



Jacob is such a trooper, I know that’s not his thing but he pretended to enjoy it.
When we got out of there, the sky turned dark and scary. We looked up and saw people floating in the air from the mountain, so the weather couldn’t be that bad!

So we walked a few blocks to a farmers market.


After a quick bite to eat we headed over to Coors brewery for a free tour.




We finished off the day in Golden with pizza, beer, and a UL win!


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