I don’t have an accent, you do!

I never really considered myself to be “Cajun” and if you heard me talk you wouldn’t either.  My grandparents on my mother’s side were from Thibodaux, most of the family still lives there.  They spoke Cajun-french, I call it french-ebonquies.  I consider them to be VERY CAJUN and I love their accents!  My grandparents moved away to the New Orleans area when they got married.  They didn’t teach their children any french because they were punished for speaking it when they were young, so it phased out.  I don’t have that accent, mine is described as New Yorker, we call it “Yat.”  I can turn it on and turn it off with the best of them.  But man, oh man, does my accent get strong when I’m around friends from the “Wank!”  I slip into slang, talking too fast, and do not properly enunciate…why did I bother with a college degree?!?  I kinda love it, even though I might sound weird to outsiders LOL!  Everyone has an accent EVERYONE even if you think you absolutely, positively do not, sorry to tell you but you do 😉  Accents are amazing, they define our background, heritage, tradition, family, lifestyle, and education.  How could you not love something that so clearly represents where you are from?

My husband has an accent, oh lawd does he!  His accent is different from my mom’s side of the family, he’s from farther west.  The accent is actually the reason we became friends, I couldn’t get over it, I had to be friends with this crazy Cajun!  LOL, but he turns it down…of course he does, he’s an educated professional!  There’s no turning it off completely, which is FABULOUS!  If you’re real lucky, you hear him slip up from time to time and it’s awesome!  Aside from the accent, he has these words, I thought he just made up, but no everybody over there uses them too!  He says the darndest things.  Unfortunately I am horrible at remembering all the craziness that comes out of his mouth.  Fortunately, I found a blogger who has documented and defined, with samples, some of these wonderful Cajun-isms!  I had a good laugh when I read his posts because my new family uses these words, for real!  I thought it would be a good idea to share his blog with everyone.


One of my favorites:

Babe, you need help saving the groceries?

Seriously?!?  From what? What’s happening?  Is there a hurricane coming?  OMG I had no idea, we don’t have any batteries!

~I know, I’m hilarious!


Please read The Word O’Wheaton blog post you will love it!



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