We are newly weds that have a passion for travel, adventure, cooking, and especially dancing to Cajun music. Hints the blog title, “Allons Danser” which means “let’s dance!”  Dancing is the main reason we fell in love with each other. We purchased our camper in 2012 after a not so pleasant tenting experience and an extremely unpleasant stay in Hotel near Universal Studios (total horror story). We realized that as much as we loved traveling to see new places, we hated loading up a car with all the necessary items to make that possible and so the decision to by a camper was made.

Since its purchase, we have made time for a mini-trip at least once a month building up experience (and the budget) for a long journey. Now that we have the vacation time and no children yet, just a dog, we are ready to go BIG. On our first long vaction are taking a road trip up the Blue Ridge Trail, over to D.C., up the East Coast, across the Canadian Border, to Ohio, and wrapping it up in Houston, TX for a wedding. We are so excited and so lucky to have the ability to make this trip to together. We created this blog for our friends and family to be able to join us in the adventure.

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  1. Enjoying going on your trip with y’all!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Praying you have a safe and fabulous trip!! Love y’all Uncle Mike & Aunt FeFe

  2. What a nice way to spend your time together and wonderful that you had insight to this before life gets to hectic. I am thirty-something, wish that my husband and I would have done this at the beginning. WE love to travel but take various short road trips and stay in a motel. SO yes I will live through your journey in hopes that my family will begin their’s soon, have a fab day Allie.

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