Prospect Park, Colorado Green Belt

There are a few notable things about this park.
This campground was great for it’s location, close to Denver, Golden, and Boulder. There no fires allowed, the campers are too close to each other anyway.

There are 6 washer and 6 dryers that are clean and the dryers only need 1 cycle…which is soooooo nice!

It also backed up to the Green Belt, which is the best thing a city can do for it’s people! It was funny though because when we got to the campground I took Roux on the “pet walk” which was kind of a bummer and I was thinking “this parking-lot campground SUCKS!” But then I noticed there was a gate open at the end, I’m nosy so I checked it out.


There are cute little bunnies everywhere!


It turned out to be an awesome park with a fishing pond, walking trails, soccer field, playgrounds, restrooms, and a river.





An even funnier thing that happened was while Jacob was taking a nap, Roux and I went to the park for a walk. I figured we could just walk around the pond and it would take us back to the campground. We were strolling next to the river for a good 45 mins. and I kept thinking, “ok, the turn around should be coming up soon.” Some runners passed us and then slowed for a cool down so I asked them how far was the trail. Their response, “uh we don’t really know but it goes from Denver to Golden.” So I was like, “OMG, I would have been walking for sooooo long before I realized that, my dog would have wanted to kill me!” We all had a good laugh at my expense….ah, good times!

So over all this campground was a great choice for it’s proximity to the major cities and the lovely park behind it.

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