Lake Arrowhead State Park

On the drive we stopped at a gas station that Mrs. Judy would appreciate. You can order Sonic while pumping gas! There was also an outrageous array of candy to satisfy the child in anyone! Most of the drive was flat farmlands of mostly wheat and tons of nodding donkeys.


Some of the sites along the way…




As we got closer to the state park, we began to see a change in the landscape. There were so many trees that looked like they were burnt and there was cacti everywhere. I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of all the burnt trees…must not have thought it was picture worthy?!?





Oooweee it was hot here! 103 at 3 p.m. and the ground was hot hot, Roux was high stepp’n! Don’t worry I always touch the ground before letting him walk, I don’t let him walk on anything too hot, I’m a good mommie! They had record high temperature, lucky for us?!? Thank heavens we got our air conditioner fixed. It was so windy, hot-wind, like a desert without sand dunes. Jacob kept saying, “It feels like hot breath,” a phrase that disgusts me. There were 3 other travel trailers parked here, but we didn’t see 1 person.

This poor place is in desperate need of a good rain. The lake is extremely low, everything is so dry, and there’s a no burn notice. Too bad we couldn’t bring some of that Louisiana Monsoon we left back home.
This park would be pretty cool under better circumstances. The lake is huge, great for boating and fishing and there’s a beach for swimming.



Another really cool thing is a Prairie Dog Town…’s like the show Meerkat Manor….they are SO CUTE!


We drove into the town of Wichita Falls to see the falls and to get some groceries.
The falls can be seen off the interstate, but to get a closer view it is about a half a mile walk in Lucy Park. The walk is completely paved and mostly shaded. The water is really low here too, somebody needs to do a rain dance! The water fall is man-made but it was still a nice walk after driving all day.










Back at the camper, we had an absolutely scrumptious diner of chicken tacos. Jacob grilled some chicken breast on the Green Egg before we left. I sautéed a sweet onion and toasted corn tortillas. It was better than a restaurant, YUM YUM!


We left the next morning for Clayton, NM. I took a few more pictures on the way out of the park.


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