Miss Ellies RV Park, Waskom, TX

We arrived in Waskom, TX at 9 p.m. The campground we chose was right off the interstate, very convenient for a one night stay. The sites were full hook-up, which was also very convenient since we hadn’t dumped in Tickfaw.




When Jacob told me not dumping in Tickfaw was his plan, I told him about the time my family went camping with 2 other families. It was a far trip and since we all live close to one another we traveled caravan style with talkie-talkies. My dad is known to drive slow, 60 mph no matter what (you get better mpg, ain’t nothin’wrong wit dat!), so he was in the middle so that he wouldn’t get left behind. Somewhere along the way an eighteen-wheeler blew out a tire. The first truck swerved out of the way but our camper hit a piece of the tire. Immediately after we hear, “hey, what the hell, there’s blue all over our windshield!” There were some obscenities and what not, haha you’d have to know him…doesn’t finish a sentence without a curse word! LOL, oh good times! Anyway, the tire busted our sewer tank and the blue stuff was the chemicals you put in it to reduce the smell (blah) and keep it clean.
All I was thinking the 5.5 hour drive to Waskom was it wouldn’t just be blue chemical!
Jacob said, “It’ll be alright” in his cajun drawl. And it was.

On the way we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was either that, McDonalds, or Burger King. I am always disappointed in the food here, it is consistently disgusting, yet I always give them the benefit of my doubt….stupid girl! I love everything inside the store though and it smells lovely in there! It gives me delusions of great expectations, I suppose. So this is where the experience took a turn….I ordered steak, what?!? Yeah, a freaking steak at Cracker Barrel! What’s wrong with me! Well, what happened was…we sat in the middle of 2 seperate tables both of which were eating steak with a baked potato and side salad that looked delicious. You know when you’re hungry, or hangry, and you see something yummy and the voice inside of you says, “GIVE IT TOO ME, SEYMORE!” Well that’s what happened and looks are very deceiving! I’m pretty sure it was microwaved, is that legal? AND to top it off they ran out of baked potatoes! At 6 pm, really? The side house salad was very good. (you should always say something nice to balance out the negative)
Why didn’t I just order something simple like chicken-n-dumplings? We should have gone to McDonalds, a phrase that never comes out of my mouth! We’ll make a ham sammich before we stop at Cracker Barrel next time.

Now we’re driving to our next 1 night stop, Lake Arrowhead State Park in Wichita Falls, TX while listening to A Game of Thrones.

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