Tickfaw State Park for our Anniversary

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary.

This is a cluster of pictures I put in the camper, gotta love a collage!

So how did we celebrate? Well we started our day extra early, 5:30 am, packed up the camper after arriving @ Tickfaw State Park only 13 hrs before. Why? Well our A/C stopped blowing cold air, which isn’t horribly bad in 76 degrees, but we’ll be camping in the desert on this trip, ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Anyway, the whole reason we’re staying in Tickfaw is because Jacob has training in Robert for 2 days. Thank goodness we had these extra days in Louisiana to discover this problem.

So we decide the best option would be for us to drop off the camper at Camperworld, drop him off at work, then I would be back in time to talk to someone at Camperworld as soon as they openned. I was slightly terrified to drive pulling the camper alone, terror averted! BTW, Dad thanks for jinxing me.

Every service garage hole, whatever you call it, was full with multiple campers…I was so worried they wouldn’t be able to help us. I was the first person in the door, I was waiting outside for it to open. They probably thought I was crazy. When I spoke to the service desk guy, he was actually amazed that we had diagnosed the problem and that I knew exactly what we needed and had the paperwork. I confessed I had been practicing what to say. He said most people come in and say, “it’s broke” and that’s all. Then I told them how desperate we were and that it had to be done today or it would screw up our whole trip like a domino. He looked at the list of things that also needed to be done that day, I was preparing myself for the waterworks 😉 kind of wishing I had a tweezer for the Joey Tribbiani method…

No need he said they will try to squeeze us in.
I began a gleeful dance, “Happy Happy, Joy Joy”

After leaving our camper in their hands, Roux and I headed to Hammond, the only city around, to kill some time. By the time it was time to pick up Jacob they still had not called with the status of the camper. So we headed back over their to speak with the service guy. Turns out they didn’t have the replacement model in stock. It would be in 7-10 days!
Thank The Lord for this persistent man of mine, he got them to install a similar model, that was in stock, the whole thing was done in about an hour.

We are so thankful for the hard-working, understanding staff at Camperworld in Dixieland RV of Hammond. They did great work and we really appreciate their expedient service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now back to some nice relaxing camping.



This is one of Jacob’s favorite meals, we had it both nights.

Roux and I went on a hike in the morning.


20140603-155421.jpgCan’t go that way!




20140603-155534.jpgCan’t go that way either!

After breakfast and picking up Roux, cause he’s a Paw Paw and can’t handle all this walking, I started some Geocaching.


Then I took note of all the site under water for future trips.

We’ll be in TX tonight, TTFN


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