Day 17 – Wall Street to Brooklyn

Today our plan was to head over to the city around lunch time so we could stay late for a comedy show. This being our last day with enough time to travel around the city, we had a lot of sights to see. We started our journey near the 9/11 memorial subway stop and walked a short distance to Wall Street.

On the way, there was a beautiful old church, Trinity Church. There is a sculpture here called The Trinity Root which is a bronze root of the Sycamore tree that helped shield St. Paul’s Chapel from debris after the fall of the World Trade Center.

If you have been to the city and you have seen how very close all these buildings are and you are not crazy, then you are probably thinking “there is no way that 3 MASSIVE building in the center could possible fall straight down into the ground without harming anything within less than a football field radius.” This is what was going through my mind the whole time we were walking around. Phrases like “literally impossible” and “what the hell” and “this is what they do in Vegas” and “why” kept repeating over and over in my head. Even as I think about it now my heart is racing, I just can’t believe anything…news…media. I wanted Jacob to write the blog because I knew I would not be able to hold back and I was right. This sculpture just got me thinking that so much is wrong with this picture….I can’t believe all the pain and suffering. It is so sad. And there is nothing we can do, but it does no good to remain ignorant. This scientifically, physically, and morally doesn’t make sense. We were sent a video before we left on our trip, check it out here. is a website that was put together by engineers and architects, experts in the fields of constructing and demolishing buildings. It got us thinking!
I’m finish, on to Wall Street.


Below are pictures of Federal Hall, the site of the Inauguration of our first President George Washington, April 30, 1789.





This is the bible used to swear President George Washington into office.


Bully bully, bully bully!
A ‘Bull Market,’ a financial market of a group of securities in which prices are rising or expected to rise. The term “bull market” is most often used to refer to the stock market, but can be applied to anything that is traded, such as bonds, currencies, and commodities. (
Jacob really really really wanted to the get a coney dog from Coney Island sooooooo bad, I think this trip was planned on strict basis that there will be pizza and hotdogs alone! While waiting in line for a hotdog he said, “I am SO HAPPY!” but not, “this is my favorite!” still waiting for that one. LOL


It was a good hotdog, nothing special. I like that the dog has a snap of the skin when you bit into it and it is juicy but I was thinking it would be thicker. It was very thin hotdog. I think the bun was too much for the dog to handle, too much bread, not enough meat. After our lunch we walked down to the boardwalk to check out the beach and the amusement park.



Ooowee, dat’s a lotta hotdogs, man!
We hopped back on the subway to Dumbo. We planned to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan, but that was just too much. Instead we took some great pictures.



Jacques Torres Chocolate was a few blocks away, I couldn’t be that close and not go in.

I was so excited! I used to watch him on the FoodNetwork make amazing chocolate creations. I hate I make something seem extraordinary in mind and come to find out it was not. There was nothing special here, just a variety of truffles, coffee/express, 3 types of cookies, and various treats covered in chocolate. Nothing grand or exciting.

I purchased only 3 truffles, I have a wedding to stand in at the in of this trip. They were so delicate. The chocolate shell was hardly noticeable, melting almost immediately on my tongue and the truffle centers were intensely flavorful. I love when a truffle is made so that the chocolate covering only protects the center from coming out and doesn’t over power the truffle center. So it was definitely a good purchase! YUM
Jacob bought ice cream.


We took the subway to Greenwich Village to get tickets for Comedy Cellar, highly recommended via Scott Faulk. Unfortunately, they were sold out. So made reservations in Chelsea for a Comedy Show. Before heading that way grabbed a quick bite at Artichoke Pizza which was sooooo good and cheap!

Cute, quirky decorations.


This was a skit comedy, we were looking for improv but couldn’t find anything. I thought I was funny and well done.

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