Day 1 – Leaving Home and Lake Guntersville

Hi there, welcome to our blog. We hope you enjoy following us along on our trip of a lifetime. Today we left home around 10 am. Of course we forgot something, so we had to turn around, so it was more like 10:15! Below is a picture of our home for the next 6 weeks..


Here’s a picture of our child..I mean dog, Roux, he’s ready to go…


We set out on the road, it was a short time before our first stop in Mississippi..


We drove for a couple of hours. It was beautiful driving weather, Audio Books and tunes playing. We pulled over in Alabama rest stop for lunch. It sure is nice to have a traveling kitchen, props to Aimee for the mean turkey sandwich…


We drove a couple more hours until we finally reached Lake Guntersville State Park. The lake and mountains are beautiful..


When we pulled into the campground, we registered and searched for the optimum site. It took us a couple of trips around the loop but we finally settled on D3, it’s near the water and has some shade. Unfortunately, a tornado took out most of the mature trees, so it’s pretty difficult to find shade. Utilities are new and the gravel driveways were pretty level. Here’s a picture of home for the next two nights..


As we were setting up camp, thunder could be heard in the distance. Thank goodness for the electronic accessories that allow for quick setup of camp. We were able to get a quick walk in before the storm unloaded..


By the time the storm quite, it was already 8 PM. We decided to call it night. Aimee whipped up some chicken alfredo pasta, one of my favs, and we had a nice dinner. Tomorrow will be a day full of exploring the park, more adventures to come…Bon Soir!

4 comments on “Day 1 – Leaving Home and Lake Guntersville

  1. Oh, I’m so relaxed just reading about your adventure. I feel like I’m along for the ride. Can’t wait to read your next adventure. Be safe and have fun!! Love Mom.

  2. Aunt JuJu – you said it best – it just “took me down a notch” just reading the blog thus far! That is so cool that you both have the opportunity to do this – I’m so jealous! Have fun guys and I can’t wait to keep reading and following your posts – XO Cuz Carmen 🙂

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