Day 2 – Exploring Lake Guntersville State Park

Woke up to the alarm clock of our wonderful puppy needing to potty. On his morning walk we spotted some campground friends….

We took some shots of the lake in the morning.


This park has many hiking/biking trails with all the details on their website. We started at the Lodge which is located at the top of this small mountain and the campsites are just below on the lake front. You can see it in on next picture.




Hiking time! It took us a few minutes to find the start of the nature trail. On the map they gave us it should have been to the left of the Lodge but it was on the right. The trails intersect with each other so you can make combinations to suit your level of fitness and what you want to see.

Notice the sign with a bike on it, well its definitely for mountain bikes because it’s pretty rugged.

Here’s a shot of the trail makers. We really wanted to follow the waterfall trail and we were getting close enough to hear the water when we had to stop and turn around. These trails seem like they are not traversed often and in some spots the briars are a bit over grown. When Roux didn’t want to go through anymore, we turned around.

A pretty bunch of stuff on the trail.
By the time we got back to the truck we had worked up a good sweat and decided to take it to the beach.

It’s not Florida but it was nice and refreshing. The beach is course sand with clam and sea snail shells. It would be a cool place for kids to collect shells.

Quick nap on the beach after a morning of high energy adventure.

So this is were all the unclaimed baggage at all the airports around the country goes and you can buy it at a super cheap price. I bought some designer heels for $25! Look at all the gadgets they have…



Who leaves a saddle on a plane?
Back at the campground for dinner, hotdogs on a camp fire. Unfortunately the Campground sold us freshly cut wood and it would not light for the life of us. We let it be to take some quick shots of the sunset.



Back at the fire, we sat with all our fixings read to mange’ but it went out AGAIN.

Jacob, my smart husband, set up the fan to gently blow on the embers creating enough fire to roast our dogs. Hallelujah!



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