Making cookies for our very long trip.

This is the first post ever! We are new to this and this is just a tester post…. I’ve been trying to find the “perfect chocolate chip cookie” recipe for a while. Jacob believes that the best is the recipe on the back of nestles bag. These are really yummy, but I feel like they could be better. If you search the net you’ll find soooo many people claiming to have found the best recipe. I’m still in the testing phase, which is great for my mouth but bad for my belly, and I like this recipe but I do not think it is worthy of the best title. Still looking for “the one.” The cookies on the right are the recipe on the index card and the cookies on the left are from a blog post. Both were delicious. If you make these make sure to take them out just as the edges are beginning to brown, let them cool 2 mins then transfer to a rack. They will be soft and moist in the center and slightly crispy on the edges. The bottoms of the ones on the left were crunchy re-crystallized sugar and the expresso powder really enhances the chocolate making this so rich, one is enough. The ones on the right are much more delicate and light, very easy to eat them all.





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