KOA in Needles, CA

Good lord it was HOT here, hotter than I have ever felt. It was like being inside an actual sauna, literally 116 degrees!!!! The people who live here must have crazy-high energy bills.

This place was dead, not one person outside not even in the pool. I don’t know if it was due to the heat or low oxygen level or some other phenomenon but when I was in the pool, just stand not moving, my body felt like it had the wind knocked out. When I swam it went away. The air was just so dry, it hurt to breath it in. They must have to fill the pool at least once a week!

This was only a one-night stop, thank goodness, I don’t think i could have handled that heat much longer. We checked in around 5pm, did laundry, and swam. Then it was time for dinner and bed. Aside from the heat, this is a nice campground with great amenities for travelers such as; satellite TV and pool table in the rec-room, large clean pool, clean restrooms with nice showers, gifts and grocery shop, and laundry room with 4 washer and 4 dryers. I love a campground with nice showers, it’s just so much easier to wash my hair under a normal sized shower head apposed to the baby sized one in the camper. Jacob thinks I’m crazy. I forgot to take pictures, oops. I’m sure their website has the same shots I would have taken.

We left first thing in the morning for Flagstaff, AZ.




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