Lake Casitas in Venture, CA

Lake Casitas Campground is located in a Recreational Area and Park that is protected by the county. The lake is a drinking water reservoir for the area and they enforce a no human contact policy, no swimming. But they allow gas-powered boats in which I’m sure do more damage than human skin, strange?!?

There are many things to do here like renting a kayak to fish in the lake, biking, and lazying around in the lazy river. The views from the water park are beautiful. There are nature walks and hiking and a pier for fishing.

I thought this place was expensive at $35/night, plus $6 for a dog, plus $12/person/day for the water-park, plus whatever the kayak cost….that adds up quick! Oh and you have to pay for the showers with quarters.

Regardless of the prices we really enjoyed this campground. We had a nice relaxing time doing our own thing. I read a book by the lazy river and Jacob spent the day fishing. It was wonderful! The #1 complaint on Tripadviser is that the noise level of people and music go way past the quiet hours, thankfully we didn’t have any problems with that.










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