Ron’s Pack Creek Campground and Arches National Park in Moab, UT


This was another gorgeous drive. It was crazy to see the landscape change so much the past few days. We are in red rock desert lands now with canyons surrounding us. We drove in on Scenic Byway Highway 128, which follows the Colorado River into Moab. It was so beautiful and we felt so small looking up at the canyon walls while driving along side of the river.






Once we got into Utah the rocks turned a deeper shade of red. The Colorado River looks like cherry flavored chocolate milk, that sounds good chocolate covered cherry milk! It’s moving a ton of sediment, it’s tick-tick!
Roux was loving it, hanging out the window watching the scenery go by.







The campground was nice, but no T.V. channels if your into that, but the wifi was good enough to stream netflix. The sites were covered in soft powdery pink sand. No shoes required, my feet loved it!

It was chilly at night and hot-hot during the day. The morning was nice and cool so headed to Arches early to see as much as we could before we couldn’t bare the heat any longer.












It didn’t actually turn unbearably hot, it was slightly windy and in the shade it was wonderful. There was a nice shaded picnic area inside the park that we stopped to have a quick bite.

After wandering around the park, we went back to the camper for a nappy-nap. Then we walked around town that evening. The visitors center in Moab is very nice with loads of information, history, a movie, and even books for purchase. As we walked around town we mostly window shopped and popped in and out of various shops. We popped into a book store and wouldn’t ya know they were playing Cajun music! So far from home, it’s nice to hear others appreciate our music. Jacob talked to the owner about the music. She reminisced of nights spent dancing at Whiskey River in Henderson and Rock-N-Bowl in New Orleans.

The town was cute, a bit touristy, but lovely. We really enjoyed our walk around.
Back at the campground, we finally had a chance to make a fire. So we feasted on hotdogs. I saw on Buzzfeed that roasting Starburst are delicious. Curiosity got the best of me so I gave it a go. It is extremely dangerous, not something I would tell children to do, it’s like molten lava on a stick. Aside from the danger, if you stick it directly in the flame, cooking it quickly, the outside forms a crunchy outer crust like a thin jolly rancher shell with a ooey gooey center. I freaking loved it!



We’ll be driving to Page, AZ in the a.m. TTFN (means Ta Ta For Now, Tigger says it on Winnie the Pooh) Jacob had to be schooled.

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