Day 30 – One night to rest

Today is August 29, my daddy’s birthday! …and the 8th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
We’re leaving Cedar Point today going to a campground outside of Cincinnati just for one night.


Really? I guess with all the sugar and a bit of caffeine it probably does give you some energy but then you crash.
On the way to the campground there were some detours on the highway….so we had to take some back country roads. Lucky for us 😉 an eighteen wheeler was apparently on the same route and we were trap behind it for a loooooooong time. But, look at the numbers on the back of the truck….

It’s today’s date, my daddy’s birthday! It was meant to be.
We finally arrived at the campground after, what seemed like, a drive that would never end.

We didn’t have reservations to this campground because it was an addition $9 to make them ahead of time and we’re on a budget. There are plenty of un-reservable sites here so it was no problem. You get to pick you own site when you get there.

We chose the first site we saw, since it’s only one night it didn’t really matter.
We unhitched and headed off to Kroger for groceries.


When we returned we lit a fire and played fetch….which always turns into tug-a-war

Tomorrow we will head out early to Mammoth Cave National Park.

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