Day 28 and 29 – Roller Coasters!

Hi there. There’s just one purpose for this stop and its to visit Cedar Point and ride the Roller Coasters in the best Amusement Park in the world, they have the tittle 15 years running. Aimee and I were pumped! Unfortunately to get all the rides in a day and half, we really didn’t have time for picture posing. I apologize for the minimal pictures from these two days.

We left Four Mile Creek State Park for the four hour drive to Cedar Point Amusement Park. On the way we passed through Pennsylvania..

Soon we were in Ohio and we passed through Cleveland. We snapped a picture of the Cleveland Indians ball park..


It wasn’t long before we were at the Park. This great sign and assorted Charlie Brown characters pointed the way..


The roller coasters were awesome. Three in particular we enjoyed the most. Top Thrill Dragster is a ride that’s comparable to a drag race. Your strapped into this car and it accelerates to 120 mph! Once speed is obtained then the track turns vertical and you pass over the top and continue straight down until you end up at the beginning of the track. The track is over 350 ft in the air! It was awesome, here’s a picture of the top of the track..

The next award winning coaster is the Millennium Force. This roller coaster was actually voted the best roller coaster in the world in 2012. This roller coaster does everything. It was the first roller coaster to top the 300 ft mark and that dip actually made Aimee and I almost black out because of the G-forces on the way down. This is similar to Air Force fighter pilots experience in jets! This coaster obtains speeds of over 90 mph and you can hear it roar throughout the park.


The Blue Streak was Aimee’s favorite. This is the oldest roller coaster in the park at 47 years old. Its an old rickety wooden roller coaster, they just don’t make those anymore. It had a series of small humps that literally put your heart in your throat, package that all up with the fact that the car actually creaked and torqued under the forces, awesome!

The park is actually located on a peninsula located on Lake Erie. They had a great beach and nice marina.



Our campground was nice. It had full hookup, pool, and hot tube. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use much of the amenities because we closed down the park both nights. Because we stayed on the grounds, we had free shuttles to the park and were also able to get into the park an hour earlier than the general public. This allowed us to maximize the time spent riding rides!

Aimee and I both said that this was the best roller coaster park we have ever been to. I highly recommend if your an roller coaster afictionado that you visit Cedar Park, make it a bucket list item (as Aimee had), you’ll really enjoy it. Well that’s all for tonight, until tomorrow, Bon Soir!

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