Day 26 – 2nd long day of driving

Ah another long day of driving, poor Jacob. I haven’t drove once this entire trip, I’ve got it so good! 😉
This morning we moved out of the Walmart parking lot and headed toward Four Mile Creek State Park, NY just down the road from Niagara Falls.
The drive was about 8 hrs. but it was nice and scenic. We discovered, in a book at Camping World, that we are actually traveling a portion of the Oregon Trail. Maybe we will be able to do the entire trail, it goes from east coast to west coast. In the book, we didn’t buy it, they map out the historical and best things to venture off the trail to see. It looked like fun to me.


We passed a few covered bridges. This one looks like the one in Beetle Juice, don’t say it 3 times!
While we were in Camping World we bought a book to tell us the roads that a passible with a camper. Nobody wants to drive up to a bridge like this and have to take a chance that you may or may not fit. We’ve already run into that problem once.

There were a few tolls plazas we had to pass through, gotta love New York…they really know how to “stick it to ya!”

When you get on a Through Way you collect one of these tickets and it tells you how much you will own at the various exits along the way.

HEY! That’s what our camper’s backside used to look like 😦 Maybe we should warn them of what could happen.

As soon as we get on the road, this is what Roux looks like until we stop. It’s like we drug him! It’s so funny that he can sleep the entire time.

This is a rest stop. I will give New York 2 thumbs up on this. These stops are amazing….Clean bathroom, multiple food options, gas/diesel, great big-rig parking, and free WiFi! You really can ask for anything more.

As we drove from Vermont we could tell the land was changing. The rock outcrops, visible rocks on the side of the road, changed metamorphic to sedimentary to eventually flat plains like the picture above.









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