Day 25 – 1st long day of driving

We did not want to leave Acadia National Park, we both cried a little (on the inside). We woke up late and left around 10am for 6.5 hrs. of driving to a Walmart parking lot, in Montpellier VT, for the night.
It’s kind of hard to take pictures on the road. You have to be ready for a shot at all times because there are so many beautiful sites. You want to get a shot of everything but at the same time so many things happen to mess it up for you….dirty windows ( nasty dog nose juice, gross!), crazy driver, camera not on, lens cap still on, butterfingers (hasn’t been a problem with the window down, thank God!), not quick enough with my trigger finger, and, the most common one, I’m not paying attention.
Anyway, here are some that came out ok.

We used to have one of these in Metairie, a hurricane killed it last year.

A butt!













It wasn’t bad though, we were able to do groceries for the week and run the generator for shower, lights, and tv. It was nicer than the campground/parking lot we paid $80/night for in NJ because there was no fear of vandalism or loud partiers.
There were 3 other campers there too.
After we arrived and did the Wally World dance in the parking lot, we shopped for our essentials…bread, beer, milk, eggs, bacon, trail mix and windshield wipers (Dad, they like did nothing in the rain…are you trying to kill us?) This Walmart is actually inside of a mall. You know how malls have the big stores on the ends like Macy’s and Dillard’s well this mall had JCPenny’s on one end and Walmart on the other….hilarious, maybe that’s just me!


Tomorrow is another long day of driving, the longest of this entire trip. Yay 😦
Peace out!

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