Day 20 – Mystic to Boston

Hi there..we started off the morning with a hearty serving of Aimee’s pancakes. Those of you that have tasted them know that these are fantastic, one of my favorite things she cooks. I always request them! Being the fact that we were camping, she used a Vita Mix to aid in the blending of the ingredients..yes, these are from scratch!


After eating, we packed up the camper and got it ready for travel so that we could make a quick getaway when we returned. We headed down to Mystic Seaport. Mystic is a small town in Connecticut of off I-95. It’s home to an old seaport and is still active today building wooden ships. We parked in the parking lot for the seaport visitor center when I looked in the back of the truck. I realized that I had left the tailgate down and low and behold my grey water portable tank had fallen out on the road some point between here and the campground. These tanks aren’t that cheap and it was a gracious gift from Santa this past year, so I had to get it back. We got back into the truck and hurriedly retraced our steps. We found it around the first turn we took, someone had graciously pulled it off of the road and it wasn’t damaged. Sorry folks but I missed a Kodak moment of Aimee picking it up off the side of the road while blocking traffic 😀

After finding the tank, we headed back the to the seaport and parked. We walked around the shops and museum, but found the museum a tad expensive. Since we only had a couple hours to kill we decided to bypass. Below are some pictures from the seaport.





Above is a rowing boat like the one used in the olympics, this thing is huge!

Next, we headed to downtown Mystic. For those that are Julia Roberts fans probably know that Mystic Pizza is the movie she debuted in. Well, Mystic is the town that the movie was filmed in. You can probably recognize the drawbride..

Of course we had to eat at Mystic Pizza, where Julia’s character worked. The pizza was average, couldn’t touch what we had in New York.

Aimee had a pepperoni pizza and I had the special, spaghetti and meatballs pizza which was definitely different from anything I’ve ever had..

After eating a quick lunch, we walked the downtown area. There were tons of cool shops. One of our favorites that we found in Charleston, SC was the Spice and Tea Exchange…so we had to pop in and buy some spices and salts…

Those of you that love to cook, definitely check one out, you can smell different spices and salts. The also create blends of the salts and spices for some different takes on seasonings, it’s pretty awesome. The stores are spread out in different cities in the US, there’s even one in New Orleans..
Our time was up in Mystic, great New England shipping town. We headed back to the campground and were soon headed to Boston.

The drive from Mystic to Boston only took 2 hours. During the drive, Aimee and I jammed out to the Phantom of the Opera sound track, we were reliving our broadway show. In Boston, we had made previous arrangements to stay with a friend, Frank. Frank lives in the Winthrop area of Boston, which is on the beach and has great views of the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived in Boston right at 5 pm, which I was dreading because of 5 o’clock traffic but actually traffic wasn’t that bad. About a decade a go, Boston removed all of there elevated interstate ways and built tunnels underground. This probably is the reason traffic moved so swiftly through the Boston area.



We arrived at Frank’s and were able to finigle the camper into his driveway, recognition to Frank and Aimee for the assistance. We met up with some other friends of Frank, Ada, Camille, and Brian, and we all went to dinner at a local italian and seafood joint. It was great, way to much food to eat in one sitting, but we had a little of everything. Lobster salad, Parmesan meatball sub, clam chowder, mac’n cheese.


We returned to Frank’s and caught up a bit more. Soon, it was time for bed. I was actually able to enjoy a nice long hot shower without having to turn the water off. Those of you who camp in an RV know what I’m talking about. We turned into bed awaiting the next day’s adventures of Boston…until tomorrow, Bon Soir!

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