Day 14 – New York, here we come, after Laundry

Hi there, today was a very WET day. We woke up this morning to a torrential down pour. We picked up the camp sight and dumped the tanks in the rain. After watching the local weather, they advised to stay off the roads for the morning hours, we did. We finally left the New Jersey campground around 11 once the rain stopped. We got on the road and headed down the New Jersey Turnpike, the most expensive toll road! For the drive from southern NJ to Newark area, it cost us 38 dollars! The toll prices up here are ridiculously expensive, no wonder most people take public transportation. As we were getting closer to the Newark campground, we could see the New York City skyline..
We checked in and setup the camper..
Now time to throw quarters at the washer and dryers, 😀 We spent the rest of the afternoon washing our clothes. Thankfully, the washer and dryers at the campground work pretty well. Here’s an iconic view from our camp sight, she’ll be with us for the next 5 days..

Well Aimee and I are heading our for an evening bike ride, until tomorrow, Bon Soir!

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