Day 35 – Millwood State Park, AR

Memphis was our last “new” stop for us, as far as exploring places we have never been before. Now we are on the home stretch, sigh….it’s very upsetting when your vacation is almost over.
Our next stop after Memphis is Millwood State Park in Arkansas.

This park is on a pretty big lake with good fishing, according to the internet. All the sites are well shaded with paved camper parking and roads. We arrived around 3pm. We set up the camper and we road our bikes around the park for a while until dinner time. Then we collected some firewood and made the best and last camp fire of the trip. 😦







We enjoyed our last roasted hotdogs over the campfire.
This will be the last stop before we are back in the city. Next stop Houston, TX.
We spent the night savoring the amazing smells, sounds, and sights of camping in the woods.
We are not sure when or where our next camping trip will be…..but we’ve started planning our next BIG road trip already!

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