Day 32 – Mammoth Cave

Well sleeping in the camper was not fun! Before bedtime we turned on the generators to run the air condition hoping that it would stay cool for a long time. I woke up at 12am because I was suffocatingly hot like I was in a coffin. We were able to turn on the fan for a few hours and open windows which helped. I didn’t get much sleep.
Our second tour was set for 9:30 am so we headed to the Visitors Center after breakfast and attempting to cool down the camper again for Roux.
The entrance for this tour was not nature like the historic tour. In the 1920’s the owner of the land was a fan of dynamite and blew into this entrance discovering a great cave that would make money for touring. This part of the cave is still active, it’s wet with stalactites and stalagmite formations. Eventually the this tour was stealing potential visitors from Mammoth Cave so the National Park Services bought the land for $300,000. The entrance here didn’t feel the same as the historic entrance though.















Cave crickets are everywhere!

This is how it all started.

At the end of the tour is a room full of the prettiest formations. We had the option of walking down a few stairs to the bottom where you can take up close pictures. While we were waiting our turn to walk down, we were at the end of the line, a mother raced to the back of the line with a child….strange. They weren’t speaking english so I kept an eye on them wondering what is she doing! The ranger that had been in the back of the line had walked to the front to take those finished viewing the bottom out of the way of those still going down. I noticed the mother pointing and telling the child to do something…from what I could tell, she was trying to get the child to potty behind a boulder! I’m not joking, the kid was doing the potty dance…I was definitely going to tattle on this woman if that kids pants went down! The child reused and the mother angrily passed her on to a relative who was coming up from seeing the bottom. So the mother is now in front of me, yes she cut, no manners or deodorant! As I’m walking down the stairs in awe of all the beautiful features…. I witness something that made me shake with anger…..It made me sooooooo mad when the adult in front of me reached out and touched the stalactite, calcium formation hanging from the ceiling like an icicle. I was thinking, she’s not going to touch it…relax…and then she did, and I said “No! Don’t touch it!” out loud, it was a reaction thankfully I didn’t slap her hand, that’s another reaction. I should have expected something like that from a person who thinks it’s ok to potty in a national landmark!
Some people!







We went back to the camper to take a nap in air conditioning, yeah we’re spoiled! I wanted to leave this campground after the tour but Jacob promised tonight would be better. Well it rained all night so it was better, he kept his promise, it was windy and cooler. Thank heavens!
In the future, I would not camp here in the summer, dispite the heat and lack of electricity, there is no swimming anywhere. The nearest place was 25 miles, which isn’t that far, but we didn’t want to leave Roux too long with out cool air. However I do recommend coming to see this cave it is amazing and huge or mammoth LOL that’s how it got the name. It was a bucket list item for me and I am so glad I got to see it and share the experience with my wonderful husband!

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