Day 9 – Goodbye Nature, Hello City

Hi there…On a side note, sorry we haven’t been blogging, the days have been long here in DC. We decided to call it an early day in today to rest and catch up on our here goes

On Day 9, we enjoyed a full biscuit, eggs, and sausage breakfast, props to Aimee for that, I love her big breakfasts. We packed up our camper and site and made it ready to go for the road. Our site was very nice with plenty of shade. Big Meadows Campground had no hookups, it was our first primitive site of the trip. We ran our portable Honday Generator for a couple hours each day to fully charge the battery and during high power use times. We were able to enjoy a fire both of the nights. Here’s a picture of our site..

With a little time to kill before hitting the road we decided to head to Big Meadows Lodge. The lodge is definitely old and rustic. It had huge wood beams inside and gave off a very warmth atmosphere.

Outside the lodge, there’s was a worker demonstrating how to build wooden chairs. It was pretty cool, I watched him work the wood for some time. The chairs looked pretty sturdy and comfy. In the picture below, he is making the strips for the seat of the chair..

We settled in the library. It was the first time we had cell service in a couple of days, we appreciate the comments and likes! With cell service we were able to connect to the grid and blog..

After finishing up with the blogs, we decided to hit the road. On the way out, we saw more deer of course. Again, it was amazing that the deer didn’t run away with the roar of the loud Cummings Engine, they were pretty tame..


We got on the road, going north on Skyline Drive for another 30 miles. The road was winding and beautiful…Roux sure enjoyed the ride..

One section of the road even had us going through a tunnel with a maximum ceiling hight of 12’7″. I was kind of uneasy because I hadn’t measured our hight, I knew we were closer to 11′ but not exactly sure. We made it through with no damage, but measured exactly now, we are just under 11′. The tunnel was a cool part of the drive though..

After about 2 hours we finally were back in the city. We knew this because the last 25 miles of the trip took almost 2 hours as we were caught in DC 5 o’clock traffic, welcome back to city life. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived in Cherry Hill Park. This campground is the only one in the DC area and they have every amenity a camper could want. The metro bus and tour buses actually make a pass through the park so you could leave your car parked and not worry about driving to the sights of DC, this was very convenient and we used this both days we toured DC, more to come in the next blog..


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