Day 6 – Waterfalls, Wine, and BBQ

Our hike yesterday was more exhausting than we thought. It was difficult to get out of bed this morning however the prospect of seeing a beautiful waterfall got me up and at’em. We had researched to hiking trails at home ahead of time and read a few post about an enormous amount of stairs going down to the falls, so after the previous day of hiking we weren’t looking forward to more burning thighs. After seeing this waterfall, it was totally worth it!20130806-165157.jpg
The beginning of the trail.20130806-165246.jpg
A random fireplace, house seems to be missing. 20130806-165357.jpg
Oh Lawd!20130806-165443.jpg
Are they trying to scare us?20130806-165533.jpg
The view from the top. I can see why people have died, this looks like a wicked cool water slide! Who wouldn’t want to chance death and slide down that thing? 20130806-165739.jpg
There isn’t a large pool of water at the base here so I can imagine if you were crazy enough to slide down the impact at the bottom would be most unpleasant. I do not recommend doing that at all! OUCH!20130806-170021.jpg
I tried to get a good shot of bottom of the pool of water at the base. The sand here is covered with a metallic layer of ultra fine silvery mica. The rocks, roots, and trunks of trees were all covered in glitter. It was magical!20130806-170417.jpg
Those infamous stairs, we couldn’t leave without a shot of those.
On to the next waterfall. This one has two pools big enough for swimming and the surface is smooth enough to slide, safely, down into the pool.20130806-170726.jpg20130806-170749.jpg20130806-170808.jpg
Where there’s a will, there’s a way! The trees have grown around the boulders.20130806-170922.jpg20130806-170941.jpg
That’s Jacob, it was too cold for this girl to get in! I’m a weenie.
There is a video of him sliding down the lower part of this water fall but we can not add a video to the blog. We had a picnic lunch and headed back to the camper for a little nap. Then it was on to the vineyard.

Tobacco farms are everywhere in these parts. It makes a very pretty plant.

Entry gate to Shelton Vineyards.


Main building containing gift shop, tasting rooms, cellar, distillery, and processing machinery.






After the tour, we sampled everything they had to offer. Of course we bought some wine and got a good recommendation for a BBQ joint and headed there for dinner.



Almost every table ordered this Smokey Mountain delight.

Pretty site to part with!

Back at camper, we finished our night of with toasted marshmallows.

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