Day 4 -Bryson City and waterfalls

We had to postpone our blog until we got to a better connection. The campground’s WIFI just wasn’t strong enough and it was spotty, kicking us off in the middle of uploading pictures. Boy oh boy we sure did have a lot of pictures after this hike. The area is so gorgeous you want to capture everything, but that’s impossible and we didn’t have enough time to see half of the things I wanted to see. If you haven’t been here, I think you should! I have been here with my parents and have seen the same waterfalls already with them and even though I’ve seen them twice I would come back again. I honestly can’t say enough about how amazingly beautiful this area is.

Before we get to those pictures, we need something on our campground…Our campground was almost completely covered by trees creating the best shade with dappled sunlight. The stream running the entire property was a constant sound of rushing water over pebbles and small boulders which is an amazing sound especially to fall asleep, relaxing tranquillity. 20130804-105455.jpg20130804-105516.jpg20130804-105609.jpg20130804-105631.jpg20130804-105751.jpg20130804-105808.jpg
Good thing we have a Dodge! Thanks to my gracious parents for switching with us for this trip.
This campground was very nice especially for tenters because of the shade and sounds. You can stay along the stream or across from it, as we were, because it’s cheaper and we only had a short stay. The facilities were very well maintained. This campground reminded me of a fairy garden with its rock lined paths, lush green and white hostas, and fuzzy emerald moss meandering throughout the park.

Now back to the hike. We started our day early to beat to crowds. First stop was right up road from the campground to Mingo Falls. It was a short walk from the parking area to the falls up a lot of stairs, a great glut workout!
Still not a fan of the butt shot, Jacob!
It was soooo worth every second of claiming those stairs and Roux had a great time racing to the top. The falls were, of course, gorgeous! We took a few shots, some cheesy ones too with us posing like a little family.



Coming down the stairs, Roux just wasn’t cooperating so we went back to the camper to leave him there. Then it was off to Bryson City, NC for some more hiking and viewing 3 more falls.

This is the Tuckasegee River.

Deep Creek Campground is located just inside of the Great Smokey Mountain State Park. You can rent a tube for $3 or bring your own and cruise down the rapids. We didn’t want to take part in this activity. When I came with my family when I was in high school we did it and it was sooooo cold. I’m not a fan of cold so I didn’t really enjoy it that much but it was a cool experience.

Good thing I didn’t want to bring Roux, no dogs on the path, it would have horrible to turn around after driving all the way here.

This is Juney Wank Falls. The following are shots along the trail.






This is Deep Creek Falls.

This is Indian Creek Falls.

Cheesy Photo!
After all this walking we headed into town to explore the cute down town area of Bryson City and indulge in some yummy ice cream.









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